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The design and creative community is one built on sharing. I want to give back to that community that I have learned so much from by offering some high quality design resources that I have either created, have found useful in my own workflow, or just feel like sharing because its cool. This page is pretty fresh and definitly growing so make sure to check back frequently.

What are you waiting for?  Start exploring!

** There isnt much now, because this page is fresh out of the oven. Come back soon for more resources and cool stuff to download. If you have a super useful resource that you want to share with everyone you can send it to me to post!

Need a new brochure? Reduce non-profit overhead while maximizing social impact and lowering design operation stress with this free brochure template.

*PDF file that you can drop into Ai and use to build off of, or just for inspiration!

Brochure Template

For work, play, or reference, you always need a real-life flame effect. Now you can have 3 for free! Drop them into After Effects and have fun with it.

*No eyebrows were lost in the making of this footage.

Flame VFX

From UI Design to Color Theory there are some simple rules and things to follow. The people over at designmantic did a wonderful job at putting it all together into a neat little infograph. If your a rule-breaker; well here is a resource so you know which ones to break  ;)

Design Commandments



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