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I'm not a graphic designer

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well hey there

My name is Joseph Kinstler, Im the owner and and designer for ThinkBig. I have spent the last 5 years designing unique brand experiences and making them look the best they possibly can. When not critiquing logos or lecturing on the differences between typefaces and fonts you can probabbly find me getting lost cave exploring or on my hands and knees drawing on the sidewalk at the local Chalkfest event.

Want to know a secret?

I'm not really here to make money. I just hate seeing bad design in our community. I base my prices off value. Simply put, I dont charge the same price for a mom-and-pop shop than I would a large coorporation. Isn't that great? Same design standards -- value based pricing. That means next time a design project comes up .. you can ThinkBig.

*you can do your happy dance now.

I'm a *creative.

... and a lover of buritos and dogs.

my job is to turn your logo, brand, or website into something magical ... or just, ya know



How I can help you

*you pushed that button didn't you? you rebel, you.

Giving Back

I beleive that pro-bono work is key in reducing non-profit overhead while maximizing social impact and lowering design operation stress.

I am proud to say that to date ThinkBig has given back over $8K to the community.

Branding & Logo Design

The most popular service - A logo communicates your brand before you even talk to your customers, what is it saying?

Illustration/Cover Design

More than just pretty pictures, illustration is the element in a project that brings it to life and makes it unique.

Marketing Collateral

From customized letterheads and business cards to social media templates. I do it all.

Website Strategy & Design

Bringing your website to life utilizing cutting edge user experience and visual interface design. Walking you through the process of wireframing and prototyping I will make sure that your website is effective and works.


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La Crosse, WI

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